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University of Southern Queensland Graduations

Since 2014, we have worked alongside USQ for the production of their graduation ceremonies.

Graduation ceremonies are one of the most important events for a university, the academic staff, the friends and families of the graduates and especially the graduates themselves.

Having been involved since 2014 in the live production and editing of the University of Southern Queensland graduation ceremonies, Thru A Lens has been able to be a directly involved in a number of events. This has given us the opportunity for continual improvement as we observe and identify the way people interact on the day, as well areas where our coverage of the event can be improved, highlighting issues and working to correct them. We always seeks to capture this event in the best quality possible in order to provide a video that all involved can remember the day by.

Thru A Lens Media provides complete video production services for the ceremony including
• Supply of all cameras, live-production equipment and operators to capture the ceremony in HD, with multiple redundancies;
• Projection to in-room screen of event including academic procession, speeches, presenters and graduates, as well as social media content before and after the ceremony;
• Recording of ceremony including a pre-ceremony highlights reel that includes gowning and mingling of graduates and families before the event; and,
• Delivery of final product for hosting on the university website

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